Exciting Outings and
New Experiences

Put a Fresh Spin on Learning Throughout School Breaks

Exciting New Outings
and Experiences

Put a Fresh Spin on Learning Throughout School Breaks

Summer Camp | 6 - 12 Years | Preschool & Daycare Serving Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

Camp Is From June 6th to August 25th!

Extracurricular Activities Enrich Your Little One’s Day - Preschool & Daycare Serving Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

Stay Cool All Summer Long In Our Mini Waterparks

What better way to enjoy the warm weather than by playing on our awesome splash pads?! Separated by age group, each of our outdoor playgrounds also offers a shaded patio in case your kids need a break from the summer sunshine.

An Emphasis On Literacy, Math And Problem Solving

Even while they’re on holiday, we’ll help kids develop their critical thinking skills through creative activities designed to help them learn through play. They’ll return to school with a better understanding of math, science and literacy after a summer of fun!
An Emphasis On Literacy, Math And Problem Solving - Preschool & Daycare Serving Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

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Skip The Stress Of Preparing Meals For The Day Ahead - Preschool & Daycare Serving Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

Skip The Stress Of Preparing Meals For The Day Ahead

Our talented in-house chef whips up a daily breakfast, lunch and snack to fuel your campers with energy for the day ahead! Each dish we serve is made from healthy, nutritious ingredients without compromising on taste.

Two Dedicated School Buses for Fun Field Trips

With school being out, summer is the ideal time to explore and enjoy new experiences! We host exciting weekly field trips to museums, the zoo, the beach, the fire station and more to keep kids looking forward to what’s next.
Two Dedicated School Buses For Fun Field Trips - Preschool & Daycare Serving Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

A Fun-Packed Summer Full Of Activities

Your child enjoys a jam-packed summer full of water park passes, Pirate Adventure Camp, cooking, crafts, basketball, dance lessons, Xbox, BEAM, and computer time for video games and interactive digital games. The options are endless!

Developing Creativity Through Song, Dance and Art

Whether your camper likes to make up songs, learn new moves or paint to their heart’s content, we provide them with the time and space to let their artistic side flourish. Enrichment activities allow kids to cultivate communication skills and express themselves.

Open 12 Hours A Day To
Cater To Busy Schedules

Just because your campers are on vacation, doesn’t mean your schedules as parents are any less hectic. We’re open from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm week-long to ensure that we’re offering you childcare that works around your ever-changing needs.

Learn About Morals and Values Through A Faith-Based Program

As a Christian center, we place an emphasis on teaching your kids how to respect others and appreciate what they have. They’ll be taught how to care, share, show gratitude and build healthy relationships with their peers!
Highly Trained Counselors With Years Of Experience In Childcare - Preschool & Daycare Serving Conway & Myrtle Beach, SC

Highly Trained Counselors With Years of Experience In Childcare

Our carefully selected staff is passionate about early childhood education and have extensive background in working with campers of all ages. They receive twice as much professional development as the state requires and are constantly developing their skills.

Check In On Your Camper
With Just A Few Clicks

With live video feeds available in all classrooms and on playgrounds, easily log in and be part of all your little one’s fun up to 10 times a day. To cap off each day, receive photos and updates via the Procare® Connect app.

Dive Into Summer Camp Themes
For Unforgettable Fun!


Flex social skills and meet new friends

Lego Week

Problem solve, apply math concepts, and build!


Mysteries of the infinity right above our heads!

Extreme Relay

Strength, endurance, and teamwork shine

Color Splash

Make a mess and get creative without boundaries!

Survive the Slime

Become an expert slime maker for hands-on fun!


Learn about sharks, stingrays, and jellyfish at the aquarium!

Mermaids and Pirates

Explore the mysteries of ocean myths and bounties


Explore science, technology, arts, and math fun!

Cooking Lessons

Mix, sift, bake, and pour your way to delicious treats

Arts & Crafts

Get creative with beads, paint, clay, and more!

Dive Into Summer Camp Themes For Unforgettable Fun!

Friendship That Fuels Social Skills

Flex social skills and meet new friends–nurturing relationships is one of life’s joys.

Extreme Relay Challenges Muscles

Strength, endurance, and teamwork shine when your child passes on the baton.

Bring Ocean Secrets To Light

Jellyfish have no brains, and more fun facts unravel at the aquarium!

Lego Week Will Build Their Brain

Special concepts and physics get concrete when your child problem solves and builds.

Splash Art Flexes Creativity

Make a mess and get creative without boundaries with the rainbow at your fingertips!

Mysterious Mermaids and Pirates

Explore ocean myths and bounties–siren songs, sunken ships, and gold galore!

Lessons From The Final Frontier

Unlock mind-bending mysteries of Space–infinity, black holes, and galaxies await!

Survive The Slime And Prevail!

Measure, mix, add a dash of this! Become an expert slime maker for hands-on fun.

STEAM Hands-On Learning Fun

Explosive reactions await with science, technology, engineering, arts, and math fun activities.

Yummy Cooking Lessons

Math concepts in action! Your child will mix, sift, and bake their way to delicious treats.

Daily Creative Arts & Crafts

Beads, paint, clay, and more! Gain creative expression and confidence.

Projection Games Right On The Floor

Projection games right on the floor take running, jumping, and playing to the next level.

Field Trips include

What Our Parents Have To Say

Whitney Plusnick
Read More
My two boys have been going to the learning station for a little over three months, and I must say it has had such a positive impact on their learning. I was worried about my oldest son not being able to say many words and within these three months his teacher Ms. Tasha has taught him so many new words.
Amanda Blomquist
Read More
Exceptional staff makes entrusting the care of my children at The Learning Station CDC easy. The teachers are patient, kind, creative and nurturing. I especially love the use of an app to receive updates throughout the day.
E Andrei
Read More
The Learning Station is a great day care! The teachers and staff are the real asset of this place. They are friendly, caring and they love the kids loads. My son learned so many things there, I was impressed. They have cameras to watch what your kid is doing live, which I could not see at other places.
Kristin Farr
Read More
We moved to the area a year and a half ago and moving with an 8 month old is scary because she needed a new daycare. All it took was stepping one foot in the learning station to know we were exactly where we needed to be! Every step of the way has been great!
Emily Trampf
Read More
Our family LOVES the learning station! Our 11 month old is the infant room. The staff at this development center is so talented and shows our daughter love daily. Every day when I drop her off, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be learning, growing, and is in the best care!
Rachel Collins
Read More
The Learning Station is a wonderful Christian based daycare! Their staff are very professional and love each and everyone of the children that attend. All of the staff take the time to learn about the family. They are always smiling and making sure the needs of the child are being met.
Chelsea Parkhurst
Read More
Wonderful daycare. My son use to stay home then in October we decided to start him here. He was two. He is a totally different kid .Independent and talks .They have done amazing job job. All the teachers are wonderful.
Courtney Deubell
Read More
I love everything about TLS! I've been to many different daycares, and this one is, by far, the best, and kindest one around. I recommend this to any parents I come across.
Laura Harth
Read More
My son has been attending The Learning Station for almost 2 years now and we LOVE it! The teachers truly care about the children and it has been an invaluable experience for us as a family. We are so thankful and blessed!
Denisha Jones
Read More
I just want to personally thank the Learning Station for always being attentive to our needs! Thank You for always welcoming and loving on my two boys! They enjoy going to daycare here! Everyday I pick them up and they immediately get in the car and tell me what a wonderful day they had and how they are excited for the next day! The teacher to student ratio is amazing! Every child gets the personal attention that they need!
Sabrina Young
Read More
My daughter attend daycare here and I love this place. SHe went here when she was about 6 months and was there for about 6months. Then when i went back to work she returned to the 3 year old program which she currently attends. They really do an amazing job with all the children. They go above an beyond to help and I am thankful to have such great individuals caring for my child. I can't wait to have my son attend.
Kaleigh Miller
Read More
The Learning Station is a wonderful environment that only wants to see children thrive. When you walk in you are greeted by a welcoming staff that wants the best for your children and you!

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