How to Make the Most of Christmas Break!

It’s almost here!  Christmas! Children everywhere are bouncing off the walls with anticipation (literally and figuratively).  School is almost out for 2 whole weeks and presents and sweets and down time, oh my! If you have a school age child at home (and younger siblings, too), Christmas break may feel a bit daunting from where you stand.  How to keep them busy? Entertained? Not get stuck in a rut of screen time every day, all day? We’ve got a few helpful tips to make the most of Christmas Break this year! Check it out!

 1. Sign them up for a Christmas Break day program.  

There’s no better way to stay busy and keep their minds engaged than spending time with friends and continuing similar routines to school.  At The Learning Station, children go on field trips, take part in group games and activities, and get a chance to continue practicing reading and math skills.  The environment is much more relaxed than school and children have a blast without even realizing they are still learning!  It’s a win for everyone!

2. Don’t miss out on the extra family time.  

One thing I’ve noticed is that if I don’t plan quality time, it likely won’t happen.  An easy solution is to schedule a day (or a morning or afternoon) off work to spend some extra special quality time together while school is out.  You’ll feel more connected and rested which in turn will provide a more productive mindset for work.  You’ll also feel less angst because you are making family time a priority.  It’s a small choice with a big pay off.

 3. Try a Yes mentality.

Children are told “no” about 4 times as often as they are told “yes”.  At school and at home.  We’re all guilty of saying “no” to their requests for lots of reasons but sometimes just because it’s easier.  Over the break try to switch to a yes mentality.  This doesn’t mean to let them do whatever they want but try saying yes to the things that don’t matter.  Like, “Can we splash in the puddles?”, “Will you play catch with me?”, “Can I take a bubble bath?”…those simple requests that don’t cause any harm and only a little inconvenience.  These things are the magic of childhood!  Try it for a week and see the difference it will make!

We hope these few tips will help you make the most of, and enjoy, your extra time together over Christmas break! Merry Christmas!

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