Child Discipline – What You Need To Know

Some people believe that child discipline is what happens when parents get angry at their child’s behavior.

The truth is that discipline is not about punishment or anger; it is about teaching your child and helping him or her to learn and receive guidance as to what kind of behavior is and isn’t acceptable. Children need to be taught how to control themselves and shown how to behave in a responsible manner, because they don’t have such knowledge on an instinctual level. Positive discipline and consistent boundaries provide children with the skills they need in order to be able to fit in with society, and this results in them feeling content, happy and secure.

The happy side effect of this for the parents is a lot less stress.

Discipline means making it clear to your child what is expected of him or her, not jumping at every little thing; it also means planning ahead in order to avoid unnecessary conflicts and setting rules and sticking by them.

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