12 Days of Christmas Bucket List

The official 12 Days before Christmas has arrived!  We’ve put together a super cute Bucket List for you to do with your family.  If you’d like you can even print it out here.  Below the image are a few helpful notes so you can make the most of your time together!



1. Here’s an awesome homemade cookie recipe or you can just pick up a pack of refrigerated dough to make it easy!

2. For movies, may we suggest “White Christmas”, “The Grinch”, or the classic “Rudolph”?

3. Drive around your neighborhood and vote for who has the best Christmas light display!

4. Many grocery stores sell easy Gingerbread House kits…a lot of mess and a lot of fun!

5. We don’t get much snow here in SC but that should’t stop you!  Have an indoor snowball fight with cottonballs!

6. The Salvation Army volunteers put in countless hours during the holiday season.  Next time when you’re stepping into Target or the grocery store ask them what hot drink they would like and grab it for them before you start shopping. Guaranteed to make their day!

7. Make a traditional family recipe together and share a fond memory of when you used to have it as a child. Here’s one that we made just this week!

8. Read the Christmas Story by the fire or glow of Christmas lights.  You can find it in Matthew 1-2 and Luke 1-2.

9.  This blog has a great printable and shopping list for your Blessing Bags.

10. Several times a year we go through our children’s toys and clear out the clutter.  This is especially helpful at this time of year when those unwanted toys may be a blessing to another family and it helps reinforce the idea of giving for your own children.

11. There are several local parades and events happening this year.  The Hula Frog website has all the best local events listed right on their page!

12.  Build a blanket fort or pull a mattress into the living room and have a family camp out!  It’ll be a night your little ones won’t forget 🙂

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